Arrests Made in Emailing Scam Shows What You Need to Know

Since August, the experts at Krebs on Security warned about arrests on emailing scammers contacting people and essentially unleashing ransomware through their employer’s network. The scammers did this in exchange for US funds. The victims paid the ransom amount if they paid it. 

What Krebs found while searching–

Still, this past week, authorities in Nigeria arrested an actual suspect in connection with the scheme who happened to be a young man attempting to save up money to fund a new Social Network. It started with scamming others scammers. Then it got even more significant.

“According to this actor, he had originally intended to send his targets—all senior-level executives—phishing emails to compromise their accounts, but after that was unsuccessful, he pivoted to this ransomware pretext,” Abnormal Security’s Crane Hassold wrote.

The suspect’s social media platform, Sociogram, hid for a short time. After Krebs found out about the ransomware, they were emailed claiming defamation from “Mr. Krebson.” Once getting arrested, the scammer told investigators that no one–at first–was interested in the “ransom your employer” scheme. 

But once his name appeared on news media, this individual began to receive thousands of cruise for people interested in his idea. According to the FBI’s internet crime complaint center, consumers and businesses reported more than 4.2 billion dollars in losses tied to this cybercrime in 2020. 

In Conclusion

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