Frequently Asked Questions About Managed IT Services

The past few years have seen a boom in managed IT services when you maximize your dollars in buying tax services. What is that exactly? Those are services that an outside company delivers, but you’re still responsible for the systems in place. 

A recent Dimension Data survey of various businesses found that more than half of respondents plan to move some or all of their IT work in-house. Considering the pandemic is long from over, some budgets might be a little bit tighter in the meantime.

Steps to Take in Moving Forward

The first step would be to ask questions and consider your circumstances as an Enterprise. What are you individually trying to change, and what can a managed IT services provider do to make your life easier as a business owner?

Once you know the questions you’re going to ask, it’s time to do some research. Some questions are best left answered by an expert. But, you can do the following in the meantime to evaluate your company.  

If you’re looking for efficiency in savings, disruptions with operations and increased productivity, 1R Technologies is your one-stop-shop. Since many companies are not adequately budgeted to incorporate complex IT infrastructures pretty migration planning and post migrations, a managed IT service provider can do it all. Securely.

Here are some questions that you can ask yourself to determine what you need from a Managed IT services provider:
  • What is our current situation?
  • How many employees are working?
  • How many devices require support?
  • What type of technology are you currently running?
  • What your IT goals are; how does a Managed IT service help you achieve them.
  • What is the difference between Outsourcing or having Altec operations and house?
  • How do we find the best candidates?
  • Where are your needs at? Are you reducing cost efficiency or productivity?

If you’re trying to save costs, it might make sense to use some services still, but not everything needs to happen in-house. If you’re attempting to be an efficient and flexible boss, you might want to consider some outsourcing or teleworking. Whatever it may be, 1R Technologies is your Premier managed service provider to assist you with your tech needs.