Google Employees Consider Quitting Over Remote Work End


While the tech industry mogul Apple is exploring continuing to work from home, some other Tech Giants consider the opposite. Many Google employees are upset that executives will take the opportunity and ability to work from home from them. The anger has boiled up so intensely that it’s led to the threat of a mass exodus–people are leaving in droves from Google.

Would you continue working somewhere that didn’t care what drove your productivity?


While many workers have quickly adjusted to the work-from-home lifestyle and many companies have been open to it, there are still those who find it essential to be in the office. Even JPMorgan Chase & Co Jamie Dimon said at a recent conference that it “doesn’t work for those who want to hustle.”


But the scary thing about remote work is having to prevent future problems from arising. Some people think it’s better to work from home when you’re a parent, disabled, or have a long commute. Or you might have concerns about the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. 


Nothing takes a hit at creative collaboration and morale more than having to go into an office and fearing getting a deadly illness every time you’re there. For many people, especially in the tech industry, there is no reason to ever step inside an office or hold a meeting in a tightly packed room. Nothing in the tech industry can’t work safely at home.


One controversial thing that could come out of this work-from-home battle is increasing surveillance when working from home. Or, magically, the flexibility to trust your employer and work and thrive on your terms.


A survey conducted in May showed that between 1,000 us adults, over 39% would consider quitting. If their employers were flexible about remote work, the keyword is small work. According to the morning consult poll on Bloomberg News, that number stood at almost half among Millennials and Gen Z.


“High-five to them,” said Sara Sutton, the CEO of FlexJobs, a job-service platform focused on flexible employment. “Remote work and hybrid are here to stay.”