Protect Your Password With These Helpful Hints

protect your password for cybersecurity
protect your password for cybersecurity

Brute Force Cyberattacks – attacks that focus on using a copious number of potential password variations to obtain access into a user’s account. Expect to hit a snag when you protect your password.

Cyberattacks spiked with an overwhelming percentage of the global workforce working from home, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of these attacks are being seen using employee accounts and potentially compromising company data, due to a lack of password protection.

With cybercriminals attacking frequently used remote login servers, without proper IT service management, your remote setup may be less secure than the IT infrastructures in many offices.

Employees are victims because they are prone to selecting easy-to-guess, frequently used passwords and more. For instance, companies do not enforce additional security measures like 2-step authentication. By compromising these servers, attackers can then gain access to your company’s infrastructure, and even impersonate employees through phishing attacks and ransomware attacks.

Making sure that employees have secure passwords, and updating them every 90-days can help to keep remote login servers protected. Here are 5 helpful hints for employees when creating passwords:

  1. Make passwords at least 12 characters long
  2. Include a variety of letter casings, symbols, and numbers
  3. Avoid words from the dictionary or common personal facts (birthdays, names, cars, etc.)
  4. Consider passphrases with unexpected letter/word/symbol substitutions

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