The Growing Urgency for Cyber Protection Against Cybercrimes

With recent cyber-attacks on AT&T users and health clinic Planned Parenthood, keeping your team secure is more critical than ever. The threat of Malware and Ransomware grows daily. It does not matter what smartphone device you own or if you’re a Mac or PC user. 


If you’re already aware of what data breaches can mean for a business, you know the devastating consequences of losing personal information-en masse to the worldwide web. 

Working at home can mean less cyber protection if not careful.


According to Reuters News, big corporations like Google committed to stalling the return-to-work process as far as January 10th, 2022. While the reason for this lies mainly with pandemic safety, there’s now a gaping hole in cyber security. 


It’s harder to keep track of worker safety when everyone uses a home network. During this time is when most workers will be vulnerable. Everyone ends up on a private network, or even worse, a public one. What happens after that is like the Wild West. 


The kind of information stolen by cybercriminals vary.


Cybercrimes are not harmless for any entity. And it usually takes an expert to handle dealing with them. 1R Technologies can help you decide what type of IT support you need. In both cases of the recent attacks above, confidential client data remains compromised. Stolen sensitive information can exist in parts of the web where it shouldn’t be. 


According to government officials from the United States Office of Treasury, the payouts for these scams estimate to top one billion dollars this year. It is not clear if Planned Parenthood LA received a ransom to pay. There’s no telling who will fall for that kind of trap in more minor, isolated incidents with no help, though.

Here are ways to protect workers from potential cybercrimes.

  • Keep sensitive data in the Cloud.
  • Have an IT expert that can help navigate individual risk. 
  • Create a plan and a backup plan for optimum recovery.
  • Learn your device and learn media literacy.
  • If workers have a laptop for professional use, install cyber safety software.
  • Always use Ad-Blocker when not working.
  • Never open a suspicious email.
  • Stay up-to-date on the news in the tech industry.