The Growing Use of Mobile Devices in Tech

The growing use of mobile devices means a complex network environment running in the background. Technology makes it easier for employees to work wherever they are. 


Considering the NSO’s most recent hack found by Google researchers, even an iPhone is susceptible to being taken over with no clicks involved. Hacking doesn’t just come from outside the country. It happens on the inside, too. And depending on your business, there might be personal information that you don’t want floating on the internet.


Researchers described the zero-click exploit used to hack Apple devices as “incredible and terrifying,” according to Wired. Project Zero researchers deemed it “one of the most technically sophisticated exploits we’ve ever seen” that could run against the technology elite nation-states possess.

What this means for other users

It can also become a headache in monitoring device inventory and ensure that these devices are secure. When everybody’s in-house, they’re on the same network. As a result, there’s some cost-cutting happening through the office. When your employees are working from home, things are running differently because of it. Ultimately, costs can stay down if a vigilant policy system is set for every worker.


Most companies tend to look away at a budget for weaving a mobile user experience into their infrastructures. As a result of no-budget room for mobile devices, a significant burden on the IT infrastructure remains.


The stress of hacking, ransomware and malware often falls on those who use smartphones. Landlines are a thing of the past and essentially, all growing companies are starting to introduce more mobile devices into their policies. It’s an easier, more efficient way to run a business.  


Working with mobile phones is just as hard as working on your employees’ primary devices. As a result, here are some tips on why embracing Managed IT services could solve your online business woes.


  • No longer having to maintain customer guest support or IT issues
  • A strategic plan especially catered to fit the needs of your business
  • Consistent protection and Cloud coverage for any size enterprise
  • Cyber security experts are always available to learn from
  • The ability to expand your business with a slight push of help
  • Flexibility and heightened productivity
  • Efficiency and longevity

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