Amazon Ring Doorbell Technology is a Sign of the Times

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If you’re currently using tech surveillance equipment such as Amazon’s ring doorbell, Think of 1R as your internet armor. With a unique system patent for physical behaviors and smells, one can hopefully get the same innovation from their tech products at home.


The Talk About Biometric Data

While biometric data remains very controversial, it shows how the future of Technology converges. And with safety number one priority, there’s room to grow to make pandemic life easier. There are a lot of patents from big companies like Apple and Amazon floating around right now.

Even Google Nest offers some biometric identifiers. While this convergence and Technology is pretty strange, it’s important to note that Amazon web services are among the top if not the number one Cloud services globally. Hopefully, there will be some trickle-down effect when you are with the company working on strange products like this. Hopefully, there will be some trickle-down effect where their systems for smaller business owners will also get an excellent reboot.  

Since Insider found this out, we will now be waiting to see the 17 patents that Amazon has for their facial recognition devices. Amazon denies using biometrics and its services and its patents’ content. But either way, consider your home and business protected and insured with this technology advancement.

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