The Passwords You Should Not Save

passwords you should not save

We all know one person who forgets all their passwords and then the other person has never changed theirs. The company and password manager NordPass released its annual list of the most common password, which there’s two hundred of them to unpack and that fact is terrifying.  

Working with other cyber security researchers, NordPass found that throughout four terabytes of data across 50 countries, the ten most common passwords are usually a variation of beginning numbers or “passwords” themselves.

Firstly, considering the lack of work put into creating safe passwords, it’s evident that the United States continues to have the highest amount of tech problems in password leaks, malware and ransomware attacks.

Second, the UK isn’t doing much better in password creativity. “Liverpool” ranked at number three. 

So, it’s clear everyone is on board with needing to get more creative with their passwords. Online assets matter and not keeping track of your passwords could mean a significant cybersecurity risk for yourself and others. 

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As the pandemic continues, it is clear that small business owners, government entities, and more will become more reliant on the internet to stay connected. Most importantly, it is needed to stay in business.

In conclusion, here are the top five most counted passwords in the U.S.

  1. “123456” counted 3,572,081 times
  2. “password” counted 1,730,765 times
  3. “12345” counted 958,799 times
  4. “123456789” counted 873,522 times
  5. “password1” counted 666,746 times

These are five passwords you should never use for any IT system. Suppose you want to determine the risk to your business and employees. Getting advice from a professional could help. A managed IT service provider, like 1R Technologies, can run a thorough assessment to offer uniquely curated solutions for your company. For a free consultation about our service offerings as a premier Managed Service Provider, contact us at

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