Tiktok May Be a Data Security Issue for your Business


TikTok safety and security
TikTok and cybersecurity

TikTok is the short-video platform that has risen in popularity among Gen-Z teens for sharing stay connected through sharing personal video clips. News has continued to surface, citing the data security issues with TikTok, with some countries including the United States and India considering banning the application altogether.

Recently, businesses have begun implementing security controls for employees, mandating that they uninstall the TikTok app from any device that has access to their company email and information. This is coming from the growing concern that the app presents major security concerns, as it has been accused of pulling user data from other applications, accounts, and even copied information on users’ clipboards housed on their device.

The greatest risk to companies is that the data that TikTok is accessing can become subject to cyber hackers, and your employees could be unintentionally putting the organization’s data at risk.

While the research is still developing on the data security issues that may be presented by TikTok, it is still unclear whether users should consider leaving the application for good. The best recommendation at this point is to advise your employees to use their best discretion when it comes to accessing company information on devices and even adding security measures to avoid the use of potentially malicious applications on company-issued devices.

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