Tips to Avoid Tech Fraud in the New Year

New data from outlet The Record found one of the most significant privacy cyber-protection networks fell to another user handling hundreds of malicious websites. And those servers have enough resources to continue running for years. This means that tech fraud continues to run rampant when we are online the most.


But what does this mean for those trying to use the internet safely? The burden of bad servers impacts small business owners, employees and clients alike. An IT specialist can help you with these things. If you do not have assistance in that area yet, here are the basics you should know about protecting your IP address.


Tor’s private networks are no strangers to attacks, while once praised by Bloomberg News in 2015. That’s why every small business owner needs awareness of what’s going on in the industry of technology. Not knowing is enough to lose your business during a time where we are more reliant on the World Wide Web than ever.


Without the ability to prepare or even know what to expect with cyber security, your enterprise remains at risk until you call in reinforcements. Consider the specialists with 1R Technologies to be your one-stop-IT-shop. 


It’s impossible to “gentrify” the internet to safely peel back the onion layers. Technological convergence, however, is moving at speeds not thought of before. And while there are servers shut down en-masse, the anonymous servers keep popping back up. 


The goal of malicious servers is to find out your accurate information (IP and traffic), making privacy networks like Tor scramble to solve a dark problem. If you’re worried about stumbling on a dangerous server, here is a list of what 1R has to offer as a Managed IT Service Provider.

The Essentials for a Managed IT Service Provider Plan
  • Managed help desk support, so clients and employees never wait for IT help.
  • Network design improves your company’s infrastructure with solutions that work.
  • VoIP communication services to keep your lines of communication safe.
  • Endpoint security protection is specialized to deal with modern hackers.
  • We offer cloud services so employees can collaborate with ease.
  • Specifically designed asset management plans to protect personal work online.

Need assistance protecting passwords and your company’s remote IT services from cyber-attacks? Contact 1R Technologies to consult about our service offerings as a premier Managed Service Provider.