Top 3 Latest: Tech Trends to Follow in 2021


The last few years have seen a significant digital revolution worldwide in tech trends. These technological advancements have helped fast-track dexterity, market development, and innovation. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies were forced to digitize and automate operations, making them even more resilient during hard times. The effects of the pandemic are not going to disappear anytime soon. Businesses must keep up with the latest technological trends to keep experiencing substantial growth. Below are some of the technological developments you need to be familiar with.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

There has been a lot of hype around Artificial Intelligence over the last ten years. However, it continues to be at the top regarding emerging technology developments. The main reason for this is that its substantial impacts on how people live and work are still in their initial stages. People can expect so much more from this technology in the years to come. AI is in ride-sharing, navigation, mobile personal assistants, image and speech recognition, and several other applications. Machine learning, a subcategory of AI, is also used in several industries, resulting in an increased demand for skilled workers in the market.

2. 5G Connectivity

Since 3G connectivity, all the advancements in mobile connectivity that have taken place have led to new internet use cases. 3G allowed online access as well as data-driven services. With 4G, there was an increase in streaming video and music platforms. And, as was expected, 5G is way ahead of 3G and 4G. 5G combines high-speed networks that use advanced technology such as virtual reality and augmented reality. This cutting-edge technology hopes to render fiber-based and cable networks outdated since you tether to a particular location for them to work.

3. Edge Computing

This new technology enables low dormancy and high-speed data processing. This technology can conduct computations nearer to data storage systems through edge computing, which helps enhance application performance. One of the primary motivators for adopting edge computing is the cost of cloud platforms’ high bandwidth. This technology aims to run fewer processes in the cloud and transfer them to an edge server and the user’s computer or other similar places. The improved process speed results from the breached gap between data and computation. When the gap finds a breach, long-distance communication between the client and the server ends.

These are some of the top technology developments you should be aware of in 2021. It is essential to learn about these developments. Your awareness of them will give you an added advantage over the competition. Understanding these technological developments will also offer you better business and career prospects.

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