Tech Trends Bloomberg is Following in 2022

Image from Pixelbay

Money and power collide and beyond emerge the latest technology industry innovations. With cryptocurrency so popular, it’s not surprising to see it play a role in new tech ventures. The metaverse is already here as an entire 3D marketplace. And it’s still running in beta mode.

2021 was a lot to take in for technological convergence; it’s now a brand new year of trends to follow.

Giving the crypto gift seems strange, but imagine giving something a gift that’s a life investment and not some pajamas collecting dust in the closet. Trends in tech tell of a future reliant on cryptocurrency. According to Bloomberg, Robinhood users will have the option to gift seven cryptocurrencies. 

Your usual lottery from the gas station officially entered the metaverse. Trends are where experts predict where the following venture capitalist will emerge. And those big-name players are in Gen Z.

It’s excellent for Robinhood because they have so many users on their platform already trading stocks. It’s a jumpstart to the ecosystem of cryptocurrency. Essentially, NFTs are culturally relevant art to give to your friends and family. It’s the opportunity to build wealth in digital wealth creation. 

But some in the corporate world might be critical of the way the growth is heading. There’s a limited supply of NFT products which means there will be virtual supply chain problems. Adidas plunged into the metaverse and their online collection sold out. Now, Adidas is working on a collaboration with Peloton. So what else could be sold virtually?

Currently, it’s tough to get access to everyone for these events at the time. 

Where will venture capitalists or shouldn’t be putting their money? Only the trends in tech will tell. More than forty percent of Gen Z individuals start their businesses. The notion of what a “passive income” means for Gen Z is also different from previous generations.

The creator economy– that’s certainly a trend past hustling your hobbies. It’s like companies are enabling digital ecosystems within the metaverse that are helping sort of connection and culture. That’s another big trend to watch, but expect to see more individuals become investors as the opportunity becomes more accessible.

Next holiday season, we all try to grab purchases not in person but the metaverse instead. The new year’s shape of the economy and tech is not for debate. Whether it’s meta, an investment application, or the growing of NFTs, Gen Z is a major game player in them all. 

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