What Happens When Your Cloud Software Goes Down

It didn’t take long for a recent Amazon Web Services outage to wreak havoc on multiple companies that use their Cloud Computing Software. The major outage caused technical issues for many popular websites and apps. As a small business owner, it’s crucial to understand how an outage could impact you and your employees. Why? Because it’ll happen again. Preparation is key to prevention.


Who Felt the Impact the Strongest


Cloud Software Services impacted include Disney+, Netflix, League of Legends, Slack, McDonald’s and some cryptocurrency methods. According to CNBC and Datacenter Dynamics, Amazon’s delivery and ordering services also decreased. Since then, the issues seem resolved and at the least, delivery and ordering services have resumed. 

During that time, a digital and physical impact prevented businesses from working.

Like a Managed Service Provider, those working behind the scenes are vital during the hours a cloud service shuts off. Occurring around 11 am ET, the East Coast felt the most resounding impact for hours. 

Users reported outages in Alexa AI, Kindle, Roku and banking apps like Chime, NPR found. When there’s no cloud, there’s no way to work effectively in any industry. And it makes it even harder to work remotely. 


What Happens Next After Impact?


Since most IT departments are understaffed, it could help to have in-house technology experts that can promote innovation and give you a piece of your life back. When there is a managed service provider to help you, you are saving the time of your IT staff and passing off the expertise to someone who knows what is best for the company

It takes months, if not years, to deploy a system large enough or effective enough. An organization can find it more effective to start small and expand when you figure out your needs. You’ll be able to experience more growth in your venture.

Currently, this link takes you to Amazon’s feeds through their services. It’s where you can find the most up-to-date information on what servers are working and which ones are not.


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