How AI Generation Can Benefit Your Small Business

AI generation is beneficial for any business. Artificial intelligence is not a new concept. But when applied to other areas of life-such as copywriting-it’s clear how the general public could become byproducts of misinformation. In 2020, a college student used Artificial Intelligence to create a blog post that could break into digital media with little notice. 


What became of that discovery after a year, however? A lot more work than 1R Technologies is ready to break down with you. Liam Porr, a Computer Science student at the University of California, Berkeley, found out how easy it was to create a blog under the guise of self-help. And even get subscriptions from it. 


“It was super easy, actually, which was the scary part,” Porr told TechRadar.


Fast forward to the end of 2021 and AI remains one of the most controversial aspects of today’s tech world. It’s important to know what parts of AI are not for you and what factors you need in your corner. 


Using AI to Run a Live Chat For Consumers

A better option than creating only a contact page via a work email is to have an IT specialist guide you through the process of training your AI. Start with frequently asked questions or answers you would like your bot to know. 


Know Which AI Program Works Best

Porr used a form of OpenAI called GPT3. GPT3 is a logic-based model. But its predecessor is not available for just anyone to use. It comes down to a look at the ethics behind creating such powerful tools. An editor must still exist in some form. As far as other services go, TechRadar recommends programs such as Article Forge, Word AI and Writesonic.


Consider Key Terms and Phrases that Drive Website Traffic

Your AI needs to know the proper terminology to interact and engage all clients and consumers. Porr’s experiment examples included “Feeling unproductive? Maybe you should stop overthinking,” he wrote for one. “Boldness and creativity trumps intelligence,” he wrote for another.

In 2018, the Havard Business Review found three ways that AI can benefit a business. The focus was on cognitive insight, engagement, robotics and automation. When machines can learn, it’ll make dealing with the rest of your business a breeze. When you’re ready to talk about the pros and cons of AI assistance, 1R Technologies is waiting for that call.

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