US Probe of Alibaba Cloud Software Shows Vulnerabilities

The Biden Administration is reviewing whether Alibaba Cloud business is dangerous to the United States’ national security. According to Al Jazeera, three people briefed on the matter as the government ramped up scrutiny of how Chinese technology companies and American firms coexist.

The Origin of Alibaba Cloud Services


Alibaba became one of the first Chinese-based companies to launch its Cloud computing hub in 2015, jumping into the world of Silicon Valley. Alibaba hoped to compete as a cloud service against Amazon, Microsoft and Google.

But Alibaba’s Cloud business is pretty tiny if you consider a bit less in 50 million annual revenue small. Ultimately, there are Cloud Services here that a company can rely on. Therefore, there might be some cutting of ties down the line.

The Response of No Response


If there happens to be some kind of regulations to where American firms and Alibaba Cloud can no longer work together, it would be just sort of damage everything that’s left in between. What’s happening with Alibaba is the problem of lacking cybersecurity and the type of cloud design.

Alibaba declined to comment in the AJ article about them. Their US stocks dipped as a result as well. 

What to Expect Next


Both Biden and his predecessor have placed restrictions on Chinese companies since 2018. According to Reuters, the US government put investment and export curbs on dozens of Chinese firms, including a top drone maker accusing them of complicity and the oppression of China’s Uyghur minority.

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In Conclusion

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