Why Cloud Services are Booming in Q2 Earnings


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Some good news for 2022 happens to be that Windows Revenue increased alongside a healthy PC market. That also includes your Cloud service. While there is a chip shortage that is going on, it’s nice to see that the PC market is booming more than ever because of pandemic demand.


According to The Verge, Companies delivered around 340 million PCs worldwide in 2021.

Remote Work is Quickly Becoming the New Normal

Microsoft posted the second quarter of its 2022 financial results, which reported a revenue of 51.7 billion and a net income of 18.8 billion. Microsoft Office, Cloud services, and Windows boosted its revenues, showing their importance when life remains uncertain because of the switch to remote work.


What makes Microsoft better to use in small businesses than most workers grow up learning this program in high school or less. Microsoft is reachable and teachable to all demographics as a Cloud Service.


PCs are booming right now because you can still get a PC at a relatively lower price. Apple is not the same. The cost of PCs is another likable factor for many computer owners.


While the PC market is pretty healthy right now, the increase only has time to tell whether things will go up from here. There are still many questions to be answered about cyber-security, the impact of cryptocurrency, and just the general cyber prevention that we will all have to face as we become more dependent on our digital devices. 


Microsoft has its Multi-Factor-Authentification Key that’s on the way towards helping with cybercrime prevention. According to Microsoft, Windows 10 and Windows 11 currently power 1.4 billion monthly active devices. A popular worker favorite, the Surface Pro, who’s having a good year as well.


People now realize that having a computer is needed. It’s not a “want” when the digital divide continues to grow. A smart device is one thing, but a laptop is another user experience entirely.


Using a Cloud service that you trust is the best thing you can do for your small business, so if you’re in the market for an IT expert who can manage all of your services online, think of 1R Technologies. We are here for you.