How Europe Rolled Out 5G Without Disruptions

how europe got 5g working without disruption

One of the most significant American conspiracies is that our government can’t implement 5G technology.


5G technology can implement itself without hurting the aviation industry. While most major International Airlines are canceling flights to the United States over the fears of how that technology works, everything for Europe is fundamentally the same.

Europe has rolled out 5G tech without having any significant disruptions and therein tired Continental area whatever. And according to the European Union Aviation safety agency, there is no conclusive data that shows there should be a concern for 5G.

The U.S. Pushback Continues


The big deal with having 5G networks implemented mainly for more rural counties and America and places with no good reception? Having 5G tech would be vital, especially during the pandemic. Many pilots and every major airline in America are afraid of having 5G near their airport. Hence, they decided not to roll out 5G–at least two miles away from any local Airport.

What’s news here is old news elsewhere. While there’s a scare 4 5G and the United Kingdom, there have been multiple reassurances by the civil aviation Authority stating that there have been no confirmed instances where 5G interference has resulted in aircraft system malfunction or unexpected Behavior.

In Conclusion


Will the lack of alarm in Europe pass over to other countries right now? Does it remain to be determined? In the United States, CNN reports a stark contrast where lines feel that there will be catastrophic consequences for Aviation and the economy if we don’t have certain additional safeguards for 5G service.

The most significant difference between Europe’s 5G tech is one thing. The United States 5G runs on a higher frequency that can mess up the radar on the plane. And if it is foggy and your pilot’s trying to land the plane, they might have some issues.

There is no risk proof with 5G running at a higher frequency than in Europe.

“The main thing to be concerned about with 5G is what efforts are taking place to deploy 5G technology without disrupting aviation services safely, and we urge it does so promptly”,” said Megan Ketterer, a spokesperson for AT&T.