The Future of Software as a Service (SaaS)

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence is expanding how we use software-as-a-service. A recent article from The Verge found that a Japanese company is currently working on a digital human rental service. It sounds out-of-this-world to talk about something from a comic book or movie. But in reality, the features Managed Service Providers offer are all at the assistance of AI in some form. 


While having a digital human as a service could be an exciting way to have a virtual assistant, not every company is gearing up to have that kind of augmented reality experience. However, the push for more mixed realities to talk to consumers and create engagement will ultimately end with the accessibility of a phone rather than the latter.


What’s the difference between these software products? According to Technology Advice, the delivery is where the application is hosted remotely by a vendor or the service provider, making it available to customers and employees over a network. 


When you are using SaaS, It’s clear that there’s an advantage in any business environment, including tech. While cloud computing continues to converge over the next year, far more capabilities will lead to promising organic, continuous growth.

Here are four advantages of using SaaS 

  1. Cost — There are several reasons why cost-effectiveness works with this kind of installation. Instead of spending large amounts of money, you can use an application downloaded and maintained remotely.
  2. Time— First, we talked about saving on your plan. Now, we’re going to talk about saving your time. Having this kind of application is easier to maintain when you have your own IT Department to work on those things. When there are not as many extra work hours it means that there is more time to get your entire Workforce on board with this way of working
  3. Accessibility–If you’re a fan of paying as you go, then using saas, it’s going to be your most significant friend suck. I’ll change it later. It’s all about being accessible. When your work is accessible to your demographic online, you will see significant growth in your company. 
  4. Compatibility— When you deal with software installation on your own, much time and money are lost. Discrepancies creep onto daily projects if you don’t know how to install this workflow. When everyone has the same application or website application, you’re able to log on and collaborate. This is regardless of working on different devices or not. 

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