What Happens if Russia Invades Ukraine?

Not much thought from the average American goes into what happens if Russia invades Ukraine. The crisis significantly impacts big tech in general, especially cryptocurrency, energy, and cyber security. 


First, a power blackout hit Kazakhstan and neighboring countries. For big tech, cause at the time was unclear. What’s clear out is that Russia has moved troops right along the border of Ukraine, which will affect many other neighboring countries that probably don’t want to be a part of this. Russia’s the only party that wants to be a part of this. 

How to Prepare and Respond in 2022


There’s been talk about sanctions. The US plans to cut off Russian Banks, so this is where we can talk about cryptocurrency and the upcoming races in the future. What happens if no money flows in and out?

According to Al-Jazeera, some talks about energy supplies diverting to Europe if Russia invades Ukraine. The US committed more than 650 million of security assistance to Ukraine in the past year and more than 2.7 billion since 2014. Investors in cryptocurrency are waiting to see what happened, but the fight will be in inflation. And the Federal Reserve needs to fight the inflation that is happening mainly in cryptocurrency, especially with NFTs and more types of currency created. 

About the Crypto Market


Those in the crypto market holding on to what you have could be better in the long run. Some in the field consider Bitcoin a sort of digital gold and it will always have some worth.

Many Russian and Ukrainian crypto transactions head to an overseas platform, with tokens ending in Western Europe, East Asia, and North America. Ukraine suffered a cyberattack at the beginning of the year. Cyberattacks hurt because they don’t have to be on this soil that you live on necessarily.

According to Technology Review, hackers defaced dozens of government websites in Ukraine in a pretty simple act to generate Global big tech headlines. On top of that, Russians placed some pretty nasty malware inside. Microsoft was the first to find the malware and no one has claimed this cyberattack.

In Conclusion


Even if you’re not worried about the Ukrainian crisis, it’s wise to be aware of what kind of risk there is when you need complete cyber protection. In 2022 it does not make sense not to have an expert lead you every step of the way to success. 1R Technologies has the tools and resources to manage your business better.