Which VPNs are Approved By Your MSP

From Canva.

A recent study done by Consumer Reports found that VPNs are not the perfect service to keep your data safe. Get used to caring and keep your online experience safe. Using a VPN prevents your ISP, internet service provider, or mobile network from tracking what you’re visiting.

Something like this is beneficial if you’re working and not at home; for example, you’re sitting at a coffee shop. You want to log in to the coffee shop’s internet. Well, that’s a public server. Your coffee shop trip to answer emails can become riskier than once thought.

A premier Managed Service Provider would simplify you to decide on your VPN. If you’re trying to determine what product or service works for you, here’s a list of the best VPNs for most consumers.   

VPN Claims Lack Accuracy

A whopping 12 out of 16 VPNs investigated found that they inaccurately represented the company regarding technology and protection. Anxiety often leaves us vulnerable and trusting others with worry about hackers for finances. So if you think you have anonymous internet access, think again. The four VPNs that did their job included IVPN, Mullvad, Mozilla VPN and TunnelBear.

Almost Impossible to Cancel

Most services are hard to cancel once you’ve started using them. Express VPN, NordVPN, PureVPN and Surfshark were the hardest to unsubscribe to, weaving customers through twists and turns that can become a nuisance to your bank account. Some services like Surfshark would not allow any type of cancellation, leaving it up to dealing with the bank to get through it.

Privacy Isn’t That Private.

A University of Michigan survey found that about 40% of people using the VPNs had no idea the VPN also collected their data at the same time for marketing. While at least 11 VPNs disclose the names of the parties they were sharing information with, many VPNs still convey far more information than a user without realizing where the data is going. 

If more companies ran this way, every VPN could improve data control, retention, transparency, security, and oversight. If you’re finding yourself wanting to use a VPN, contact a managed service provider first to see what works best for you, your employees and your consumers. 

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