Investors buy Millions in Metaverse Virtual Land

metaverse market

It’s strange to invest money in a digital place. This is what’s happening now.


It feels like the newest obsession for investors to indulge in is the fight for virtual land in the metaverse market. And there are millions to spend with limitless options, including becoming Snoop Dogg’s neighbor in a virtual world named Sandbox.

Look for cryptocurrency to be about the same risk as going to a meta casino. Therefore, there’s risk involved even for big players. Security will be the main talking point in this burgeoning industry for years to come.

The Mix of NFTs, Crypto and High-End Fashion


Cryptocurrency is pushing the forefront of technological convergence. There is a desire for a decentralized network. How safe the practice is. However, the industry isn’t stopping the boom. We are all riding crypto, NFTs, and online real estate like there aren’t problems to fix.

“You can go to a carnival, you can go to a music concert, you can go to a museum,” said Andrew Kiguel, CEO of a Toronto-based company that invests in metaverse market real estate and other non-fungible digital assets. 

Kiguel’s company dropped almost $2.5 million on a patch of land in a famous popular can be found metaverse world (Decentraland). Prices for plots soared up to 500 percent since Facebook suddenly announced the plans behind becoming Meta.

Find Celebrities in the Metaverse


Another metaverse for sale is Sandbox, where Users can find Snoop Dogg’s virtual home. The development company, Republic Realm, spent $4.3 million on a parcel of virtual land.

For those in the virtual space, today’s events show what the next iteration of social media is. With a $1 trillion estimation of the digital world to come, artists like Justin Beiber, Ariana Grande and Paris Hilton are already cashing in on a new way to interact with their fanbase.

Users can access Meta through a standard computer screen. But future uses of this product are set to include Oculus and another 360-degree immersive programming. How accessible metaverse becomes is ultimately up to the programmers and those that take part first.